Katelyn Morgan Returns to NDA, Joins Rohde’s Coaching Staff


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

At Notre Dame, there is a new assistant varsity coach. Katelyn Morgan has returned to help coach the girls’ basketball program.

The former Triton star, who was a member of a state championship team and went on to play college ball at Eau Claire, is very excited to have the opportunity to help out the girls. Morgan enjoys seeing how hard the team works and the bond they form. 

However, she admits it is a little weird being back at NDA. A lot has changed since she graduated.  For one, she is now an elementary teacher at Fox View Elementary.

In addition, it is different to coach a team than to play on it. Coaching involves having better communication, and you have to see the game differently from the players. Playing and coaching are on different spectrums, but together they make up the perfect team. 

Morgan hopes to achieve this and help the girls excel in their skills. This includes creating a positive team atmosphere and hard work. 

“Our girls are successful because we have great team chemistry, and they are really hard workers. My job is to just encourage them and push them in practice,” she said.

There are many reasons why she decided to come back. Most importantly, because of the people involved. Sara Rohde and Eliza Campbell are persuasive and have coaching abilities that Morgan hopes to learn for herself. 

“It is just like when we were teammates in high school with her contagious personality! You can tell the girls love having her!” exclaimed Coach Campbell. 

When comparing playing to coaching, Morgan deferred to her age.

“Now that I’m older, coaching is more fun. For starters, I’m not as tired or sore after practice. Also, it is something new that I haven’t tried yet, and I am very excited to see what this team can do this year.” 

Morgan has already contributed a lot to the Notre Dame basketball team, and they are grateful to have her.

“Katelyn has been a very positive addition to our staff.  I was very happy to hear that she was moving back to the area to teach and that she was interested in coaching. She has always been a natural coach, whether it was on the court or from the sideline. She brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm and has high expectations of the girls. I feel very lucky to have many former players on staff because they are not only tremendous people I trust but also ladies who understand our system and what is expected of our players,” said Head Coach Rohde.