Brada to Play Soccer at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Joey Bonadonna, Sports Editor, Online Tritonian

Another college commitment has hit the class of 2022 as senior soccer player Adam Brada has decided to take his talents to Coe College, a Division III institution in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Brada, most recently receiving first team all-conference honors in helping the Tritons secure their second state championship berth in as many seasons, said there were a lot of options for him. Ultimately, Coe was his destination.

“I started going through some of the schools and I came across Coe College and started to do some research on it and realized that it was a really good school and it also happened to have what I wanted to study,” he said. “I talked to the head soccer coach who was really nice, which I liked a lot. He told me how the team could really use a player like me and how I would make a huge impact on the team as soon as I joined.”

Brada finished fourth on the Tritons this season in points with 19, logging a total of 46 (18 goals and 10 assists) in 100 career games at Notre Dame.

Playing soccer since he was 3 years old, he knew that it was the sport he loved, but had never really thought about playing at the next level for a long time.

“I probably did not really start thinking about my next level of play in soccer because I kind of was living in the moment and never thought ahead of what the future could hold for me if I pursued soccer,” Brada said. “ I probably started thinking about next steps when I came in freshman year, and it started to build from there. 

Over four years as a varsity contributor and starter, Brada has determined that the one thing he cared most about with Triton soccer was how tight-knit the group was from day one.

“Having a team to back you up and support you with everything during games or outside of sports feels really good and is something everyone should experience if they have not had the opportunity,” Brada said.

He also says that he’s learned that winning plays second fiddle to just having fun and making memories.

“There are ups and downs in the game but sports play without ups and downs here and there,” Brada said. “The worst parts hurt but they only last for a little bit where the best parts of playing soccer stay with you for almost forever, which is more important. Winning is not everything and that we do not have to win in order to be the best. As my assistant coach always says, ‘Play as a team and have fun. Don’t worry about winning because that comes as a reward after you have done everything else.’”