JV Players Making Their Way on Varsity


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year the Notre Dame girls basketball team has many individuals who are assets to their group. Three people who have made a difference for Varsity are JV players Paige Demoulin, Grace Barington and Morgan Gokey.

It is commendable how hard these sophomores and freshman have worked to get where they are. Playing on the team has provided an opportunity to improve their basketball techniques and build connections. 

“I think they are good players. They have a lot of potential going forward for Notre Dame basketball. A big thing for JV is that our goal is not only to win goals but to make sure the girls are ready for Sara and that premieres to be competitive and stay competitive, especially with the winning culture. So I think having those girls on JV but also getting to suit up for Varsity games and see what it takes to be in the Huddle Room with Sara, and then the expectations. I think it is a great learning experience. I am glad that those girls are able to do both,” explained Coach Olivia Campbell.

Going from JV to Varsity is a big step, but these individuals are not afraid of challenges. The Varsity operates at a higher level and provides greater intensity. Not only does the bench have a higher intensity, but so does the crowd. More individuals attend the varsity game, which changes the whole atmosphere of the game. 

Demoulin, Barington and Gokey are all significant assets to the team, and each girl adds a different skill to the team. Demoulin brings support to her teammates and has a positive attitude that lights up every room she walks into. Gokey provides energy from the bench through cheering and her personality. In addition, she can see a different view of the court. Her aggressiveness on the court and willingness to improve have made her an outstanding player on the team. 

“The skills that I add to varsity is cheering loudly and being encouraging on the bench,” said Barington. 

Among the many differences between a Varsity and JV experience is the chemistry that Varsity has. 

“I experience two significant differences between Varsity and JV. The first difference is the speed of playing a varsity game is a much faster pace, and the competition level is much higher. The second main difference is Varsity has much better chemistry than JV. Our chemistry on JV is slowly getting better as the season goes on,” said Gokey.. 

These three individuals have a chance of helping the girls win state.

“I believe we will go back to state. All of the girls bring 110% effort especially in tough situations, which was really shown in the game against Hortonville. There is also amazing leadership from coaches, the seniors and the rest of the team. We definitely have what it takes to make it to state for the second year in a row,” said Demoulin..