Hardwick Plays All-State Basketball Game, Switches to Soccer for Spring

Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Senior Sarah Hardwick, a State All-Star athlete in basketball, has a vision of how basketball will fit into her future. 

“I played in an All-Star game a couple of weekends ago, but I also have a bigger one this summer,” explained Hardwick. 

In order to play as a State All-Star athlete, you have to be nominated by a coach and then chosen by an All-Star coach.

Hardwick is a multi-sport athlete who plays soccer in addition to basketball. 

 “The transition from basketball to soccer usually isn’t too tough. I’m in pretty good shape from basketball, so it’s just a matter of getting touches on the ball to get ready for soccer,” said Hardwick.

Basketball is her favorite but soccer comes to a very close second, almost making the two a tie. 

Hardwick thanks her parents and teammates for making everything so fun and pushing her to be better every time she plays and practices. 

“My parents are super encouraging and are a big part of why I still play sports, but also my love for the game and my teammates keeps me going,” said Hardwick. 

Next year she plans to attend UW-Oshkosh to play basketball and study biomedical sciences. 

After college, basketball will play a smaller role in her life than now, but she hopes it will always be there.

Hardwick said, “My advice would be to trust the process and trust your coaches. They know what they are doing,”