Senior Hope Barrington Will Play Basketball at UW-Oshkosh


Emma Zankoul, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“Notre Dame’s basketball team has a really good chemistry on and off the court, and we always support one another,” said Hope Barrington, this year’s NDA’s girls basketball team leader.

Hope started playing basketball when she was in second grade because her older sister played it, and she thought it would be fun.

“I looked up to so many older players when I was younger, so I want to be that role model for younger players around me now,” said Barrington, the only senior on this year’s Triton squad..

Ever since, she has had a long and successful journey in the sport. NDA’s team has been very victorious since she joined (and it was always really good.)

Notre Dame has won back-to-back state championships for the past two years and is looking forward to doing the same this season.

“We just focus on taking it one at a time, which is a really good strategy,” she said. 

And even though more people attend the boys’ games, she said that the team really loves the support they still get. “We really appreciate it when people come cheer us on and show some school spirit.”

Barrington also mentions that although she is very busy with basketball now and track in the spring, she has learned to manage her time with school. “It can be really hard at times, but eventually you learn to balance things.”

Another lesson she has learned is that “you can only go up from where you are, so perseverance is key even though it can be difficult sometimes.”

Right now, Barrington’s goals are winning regionals, sectionals, and then state “one at a time.” After that, her successful high school career comes to an end, and a new chapter begins. 

She really appreciates everyone who has helped her throughout her journey. “I’m really thankful for all my teammates, teams, coaches (Sarah, Eliza, Katelyn, and Timmy,) friends, and especially family. They have always been supportive and guided me whenever I needed it.”

She is very grateful for all the memories and experiences the sport has brought to her life.

Next, she is looking forward to continuing playing at UW-Oshkosh. 

“After my visit I knew right away that it was where I wanted to be,” she said. “I like that it is close to home, so I can visit my family and some friends whenever I want to.”

She also felt that she fit right into the environment of the players and coaches. In fact, former Triton teammate Sarah Hardwick plays at UW-Oshkosh, and Barrington is really excited to once again play with her. 

During college, her goal is to keep improving and winning many games. She is not looking to go any further than playing in college, but she definitely sees herself coaching in the future. 

A final word of advice she has for other girls, or young athletes in general, is to work hard while, most importantly, having fun. “Always cherish the moments with your friends because it really does go by fast.”