Faculty/Staff Squad Wins Annual Intramural Volleyball Tournament

Madison Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA just recently finished its annual intramural volleyball tournament. On Saturday, December 19, the tournament ended.

The tournament games were played on Saturdays. The games started after the fall volleyball season ended and continued till the end of the semester.

Mr. Dan Winkler, teacher and volleyball coach at NDA, was in charge of the tournament. He is the mastermind behind all of the planning and organizing that goes into this annual event.

“The teams are very respectful of each other,” said Mr. Winkler. “There is no trash talking, and they all shake hands at the end of every match.”

“It was like gym volleyball, but everyone actually cared. It was so fun, and everyone was so upbeat. I loved participating in this tournament,” sophomore Lauren Welker said.

Going into the weekend, Jordan Flaten’s team was the top seed out of seven teams. However, in the championship, the faculty team defeated Team Flaten.

Mr. Larsen (boys volleybal coach), Ms. Denice Rykal, Mr. Peter Weiss, Mr. Greg Geiser, and Dr. John Ravizza were the members of the winning team. This is the third straight year in a row that the faculty team took home the gold.

The winning team all received t-shirts. A prize was also awarded for the best uniform. This prize went to Miranda Hansen’s team.