Academy Chatter: What does Holy Week and Easter mean to you?

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Fritz Sehring, junior: “Holy Week means a week of thoughtful prayer and dedicated fasting.”

Robert Gurnicki, senior: “Easter and Holy Week for me is a time to renew my faith life with my family.”

Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “It is a week that I spend more time with God.”

Hope Krumrei, senior: “Easter means that I get to spend time with my family and enjoy the time off of school.”

Will Urick, junior: “I am able to eat good food and spend time with my family.”

Leya Abujamra, junior: “Easter allows me to spend time with family, go to church and have a little time off of school.”

Mr. Kriegl, staff: “Easter gives me hope; it admits all the sacrifice and suffering. It is rewarding to sacrifice for true love.”

Logan Tennity, senior: “I am not religious so it does not mean much to me.”

Hana Reitz, junior: “I can spend time with my family and go to Mass with them.”

Mckenna Kaminski, intern: “Every piece of knowing Jesus and what we are intended for; it is a reminder of every aspect of who Jesus is and what his story is.”

Conner Seidl, sophomore: “It’s a time for family gathering.”

Luca Frigo, junior: “I think the Easter bunny is kinda cute.”

Ryan Schram, junior: “It reminds me that Jesus died for our sins.”

Eliza Campbell, staff: “You can hang out with your family.”

Xander Roberts, sophomore: “Four-day weekend to spend time with family and friends and also to go to Easter mass.”